Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Applying for Marriage Registration Becomes Easier Now

The Special Marriage Act of 1954 solemnizes court marriages in India. Any two consenting adult citizens of India can get married at the court. In this case, creed, religion, and caste of the two partners applying for court marriage are not considered important. Now you can easily apply for court marriage through online marriage registration

Court Marriage in Delhi

Is it a must to register a marriage?

Now it has been made mandatory that you register your marriage legally. Otherwise, there will be no legal proof that you are actually married. The ‘Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act’ was passed in the year 2005. It clearly states that every marriage that takes place between two citizens of India or between one citizen of India and one with a separate nationality must be registered under all circumstances. 

Is it possible to apply for court marriage in India if one person is an Indian and the other has the nationality of a foreign country?

According to the Special Marriage Act of 1954, an Indian citizen can easily marry a person with separate nationality. Just as court marriage can take place in India between two persons with different religious beliefs, an Indian citizen can marry a foreigner. In that case, both of them should be adults and sane. None of the two persons involved should have marital relations with a third person.

What amount needs to be paid for getting the court marriage done?

The application fee is Rs 100 according to the Hindu Marriage Act. Under Special Marriage Act, the charge is Rs 150. In addition to that, be ready to pay a few hundred more forgetting important affidavits that are mandatory to be submitted along with the application form. The court marriage lawyer also has separate fees for getting the process done. 

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Get your Marriage Registered in Delhi

Marriages always indicate a new beginning in your life and thus you need to make sure that you carry out the entire procedure in a legal way ensuring that you get familiar with all positive aspects. The procedure of court marriage in Delhi is to be followed by both bride and groom that give them the confidence to go ahead exploring a new way of life where everything seems beautiful. You need to carry all necessary documents that would help you to handle the system in the right way comprehending the true utilities of the legal proceedings. In this way, life becomes easier and you can explore the true lovemaking life beautiful. 

Court Marriage in Delhi

Documents to Carry

While you are getting ready for the court marriage, make sure you carry the following documents:

  •  Four passport size photographs of the one who is going to be married. 
  • Proper age proof of the bride and groom that validates the entire process. 
  • If the bride is a widow proper death certificate of the spouse needs to be submitted to legalize the marriage. 
  • If he/she is a divorcee they need to submit valid documents revealing the details regarding certificate of divorce as granted by the court. 

Thus, you can get familiar with all positive aspects that help you to get married easily incorporating true joy and happiness in your life. You can thus register your marriage accompanied with all necessary details that give you the ultimate confidence to go ahead in life. Make sure there is a proper signature of bride and groom entering all necessary information that makes the form a complete one. 

Get Proper Witness

You need to get valid witness registering your marriage in the right way ensuring that you give life all good things making your dreams come true. In this way, you can explore the best options as you want to carry out a proper marriage registration